In February 2013 Eolos researchers used particle image velocimetry techniques at an unprecedented scale to visualize large scale turbulent structures behind a utility scale wind turbine.

Super-Large-Scale Flow Visualization with Natural Snow

Using nanowires to harvest strain energy will provide power to sensors that monitor structural behavior

Nanotechnology in Turbine Structural Health Monitoring

A novel computational model describes structural behavior of wind turbine blades by combining shell and beam theory.

Modeling Wind Turbine Blades for Fluid/Structure Interaction Analysis

The January 27 site visit of the Eolos Wind Energy Research Field Station highlights federal investments in renewable energy research and development. 


Deputy Secretary of Energy Poneman and Senator Franken visit U’s Eolos Wind Research Field Station

Who We Are

Welcome to Eolos, a Minnesota-based wind energy consortium of leading university researchers and industry partners. Our mission is to advance production of wind-generated energy for the United States through industry-driven research, field-scale demonstration of new technologies, and workforce training.

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