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Eolos is developing educational opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students and joining with other Department of Energy efforts to develop the next generation of engineers, scientists and technicians in renewable energy. We draw on the expertise of Eolos’ academic members as well as the practical knowledge of our industry and government partners when educating others. Eolos assists educators by providing access to various facilities and data.

Eolos allows KidWind to use the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory facility for their REcharge Academies. REcharge Academies are workshops where teachers learn about renewable energy and are provided with resources to assist them in the classroom. KidWind educates teachers on solar and wind energy, and basic energy information. They do this through various activities including building small, testable wind turbines and solar cars. The teachers can then utilize the activities in their own classroom. For more information about KidWind, visit their website.


Another way Eolos assists educating students is through the use of data collected by the Eolos wind turbine’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) and the meteorological tower. Time periods of data have been put together to form an educational data set representative of a variety of meteorological conditions. By providing this information, students are able to analyze and do calculations using real data. Students may be interested in creating a wind rose, looking at wind shear, calculating the power curve, and investigating the data in other ways. Below is a document explaining the data set and the Microsoft Excel files containing a 1 hour period of data.

EOLOS Educational Data Set

Below is an overview document of the EOLOS Educational Data Set, followed by the Excel Spreadsheets containing data for high and low wind time periods.