Data Collection

The Eolos wind research station collects a vast amount of data at a rapid rate. The wind turbine records data at 1 Hz and the meteorological tower at both 20 Hz and 1 Hz depending on the sensor. All of this data is stored and backed up on University of Minnesota server databases, allowing Eolos researchers easy access to it. Table 1 shows the variables collected by the turbine’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) and the met tower. In addition to the variables in the table, the wind turbine also collects data for the temperature, strain, and tilt of the foundation, and the strain, acceleration, and temperature of the blades.

Table 1: Data variables collected by SCADA and the Met Tower.

Eolos Wind Turbine’s SCADA



Wind Speed and Direction

Turbine State

Real Power

Real Power Limit

Reactive Power

Pitch Position of Each Blade

Generator Speed

Hub Speed

Rotor Position

Tower Acceleration

Yaw Position

Yaw Error

Air Density

Barometric Pressure

Nacelle Temperature

Ambient Temperature

Gearbox Oil Temperature

Hydraulic Oil Temperature

Bearing Temperatures

Generator Temperatures

Yaw Mode and State

Fault Code

Fault Level

Nacelle Direction

Met Tower



Wind Speed at 10 heights     (cup & vane and sonic anemometers)

Wind Direction at 10 heights (cup & vane and sonic anemometers)

Air Temperature at 6 heights

Relative Humidity at 6 heights

Barometric Pressure



These variables may be put into helpful data sets that can be used for a variety of studies, including determining how and why the turbine behaved a certain way over a time period. An example of what a data set may look like is the Eolos Educational Data Set. This data set was made for students and teachers with the intention of providing a simple, yet comprehensive look at the wind turbine and met tower. For inquiries about specific data sets, please contact us.