Computational Facilities

export.jpg Eolos has partnered with the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute for Advanced Computational Research (MSI) to gain access to MSI's state-of-the-art computational and visualization facilities. Computational research is carried out on Itasca, MSI's HP parallel cluster with 8448 cores, a total aggregate of 25.3 TB of memory and a QDR infiniband interconnect. Consortium researchers also have access to SAFL's 536 core cluster with QDR infiniband and 112TB of SAS-2 storage. In addition to the parallel hardware,  researchers are developing in house parallel numerical models for carrying out high resolution simulations of turbulence on multiple scales from the scale of a wind turbine rotor to that of a wind farm.

Completed in the spring of 2015, MSI’s Mesabi is the newest supercomputer available to Eolos researchers at the University of Minnesota. MSI’s Mesabi uses more than one type of processor. This system is called heterogeneous and increases performance. Mesabi is 7 times as powerful as the previous MSI supercomputer, Itasca. It has more than 62 TB of memory and connects to 1PB of Panasas storage at a rate of 480 Gbits/second.