Eolos is Educating


The Eolos wind research station is collecting and storing a tremendous amount of data on University of Minnesota servers. Until now, the data has only been available to Eolos partners. Eolos researchers are providing a data set with 4 different time periods with the intention of giving students and teachers a great, free resource for learning about wind energy. The data set provided under the “Education” tab allows students to do calculations and analysis of real world data. This may include creating a wind rose or power curve, or analyzing the wind shear, or many other possibilities. It also allows any interested person to view and gain an understanding of the data collected and used for scientific research by the wind research station.

Providing exceptional data is not the only way Eolos helps educate students. Eolos also supports KidWind by providing a space at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory for them to host their REcharge Academies. The REcharge Academies are 4 day workshops that cover basic energy info, wind and solar energy, and the impacts and integration of energy. These workshops empower teachers with the resources and knowledge required to educate their students about renewable energy. To assist in growing student’s understanding of renewable energy, teachers learn hands on projects such as table top sized wind turbines and mini solar cars.  These projects show students real-world applications of renewable energy.